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Flexible operation & maintenance packages

our o & m comparsis varios packages starting from short term task-based support all the way up to outsourcing the plant o & m .based on the client requirement anfd it our techinqual assessment of the plant condition , we recommednd the suitaable packages anfd the client is able to dedicste more ateention to commercial planning and sales .

out sourcing 0&m plant technical management

option for full plant technical management will realise three dirct gains

indirect benefits entails the continued investement we perform in your plant by hiring best cailbers and applying o & m best practice our services under plant technical management comprises

plant techiqual assitance

plant techiqual assistance is another successful scheme of our o&m packages, which secures nearly the same level of technical support yet assuming a wider responsibility by the client perticularly for supply chain , inventory management and HSE.

techiqual assistance is a perfect choice for plant or grinfing stations owners who require technical support at supervisory levels in order to lead less experienced teams on site . plant technical assitance may include

on-site support for the clients teams to carry out o & m functions gradual knowledge transfer to domestic teams through on - the job trainnig . introducing and intergrating operation, maintenance ,warehouse , inventory and quality control systems .

introduction safety plicies and standard .

supporting procecurement planning through defining Specififcation and equiment international standards


our x-ray is highly qualifiedid in maintaining , repairing ,celbreating and operation laboratory equimentt such as x-ray spectrometers used for chemical analysis of materials used in cement and other industrial applications.


Operation Maintenance

meeting capacity targets does not guarantee profitable operation . carrying out regular process measurements uncovers process bottlenecks wgich are conductive to excessive engery consumption.

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consultancy Engineering

Maintaining your facility in the optimimal operative condition is highly dependent on the efficiency of your maintenance management system.

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people development

one size does not fit all. project condition domestic labour experience and technological development impact the trainning needs.

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