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18 Years and Counting; ASEC Renews its Technical Management Contract with Misr Beni Suef Cement Company

  • Cairo, April 2019
KAR Group Entrusts ASEC

ASEC announced the renewal of its Technical Management contract with Misr Beni Suef Cement Company till December 2023. The signing of the contract stands as a testimony of the long-standing trust and partnership between the two companies.

Entrusted with the technical management of the first production line in 2001, ASEC has sustained the production level above the nominal capacity. The year 2007 saw the first renewal of the contract for additional five years, adding as well a second line to ASEC’s operation and maintenance scope. Worth mentioning that the annual combined capacity of the two lines now stands at 3.1 Mt.

“We owe this long-term alliance to the dedication and efficiency of our staff members and evenly to the continuous support from our client. Trust is the cornerstone of our ability to deliver remarkable results and shall continue to bolster our performance in the future,” commenting ASEC’s Chairman and Managing Director. “We extend our thanks and gratitude to everyone who has contributed in the success of this partnership.”

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